meaning: whole, complete

We create products of excellence that foster health, wellness and vitality. 

We inspire a community of whole people.

We pioneer new ways for survivors of trafficking to find wholeness.


The good life isn't always easy, is it? 

If, like us, you want to spend your hard-earned dollar on products that are nutritious and socially-conscious, you've probably also discovered that living well can be harder than it looks. 

We'll never get back the hours we've spent on restrictive and time-consuming detoxes and researching cure-alls for crazy stomach bugs in Cambodia (although they've given us some good stories along the way). We’ve experienced how messy, inconvenient and downright painful our health choices - and lack thereof - can be. And we want to help create change in our world, so choosing products that are ethically sourced and socially purposeful has become increasingly important to us.

So we started to look for products that we could trust to be good for us and for our world. 

But those products, we found, are frustratingly few and far between. 

Meanwhile, through our work with the Sophie Hayes Foundation, we were realising that for survivors of human trafficking in the UK, life was very hard indeed. Even after the safe house, it was hard for survivors to move forward. College and tuition can be expensive, making long-term employment opportunities difficult to access, resulting in many survivors remaining vulnerable, at risk of poverty or even re-trafficking.

So we started to think about creating a socially purposeful business to raise funds for survivors - making ethical, healthful products which would also help survivors achieve their dreams. The idea for HOLOS was born.

So, that’s the start of the story. Together, our vision is to create hand-crafted, ethical and beautiful products that provide an ethical solution to one of the most critical social issues of our time. Will you join us?