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Our kombucha is nourishing to the body; fostering natural healing and promoting good gut health. 

We're passionate about capturing the simplicity and flavour of nourishing and natural ingredients. We want to retain all the benefits of kombucha, with its probiotics, flora and nutritional value, to keep it as beneficial for your body as we can. Because of this, we do not pasteurise, dilute or add processed sugars, syrups or fruit juices to flavour our kombucha.

We also ferment and bottle our kombucha in small batches, rather than continuously brewing, which produces a consistent and harmonious flavour. 



GINGER AND hibiscus:

Fresh, zingy ginger and fragrant hibiscus combine to form a truly delicious and anti-inflammatory tonic. If ever you need a pep-up, this is the flavour for you!

basil & mint:

Fragrant yet delicately refreshing, this combination is a real crowd-pleaser among our friends and family.


Every few months, we'll be bringing out a new flavour based on the freshest seasonal ingredients. (It's like Russian Roulette sometimes with us! But we promise it will always be delicious, and good for you.)